2010 Prius – Price analysis – Canada v US pricing

With the Canadian pricing finally announced, here’s a quick price comparison between Canada and US models.

Since it is almost impossible to compare packages, I’ve only done this for the most basic configuration.

I’m using a 1.12 USD to CAD exchange rate, and my province of reference is BC.

(a) Canadian pricing (incl. delivery, taxes, tax credit, no options): $30,535 CAD.

(b) US pricing: base price in USD: $22750 = $25480 CAD

6.1% duty: $1554 CAD 5%

GST: $1274 CAD 7% PST: $1783 CAD

PST rebate: -$1783 CAD

Import fees and misc: ~$500 CAD

Total Canadian cost of importing a Package II from the US: $28,808 CAD.

Price difference (@ 1.12 exchage rate): $1726 CAD.

If exchange rate goes to par, price difference = $4760 CAD.

My 2 cents: at a 1.12 exchange rate, it probably makes more sense to purchase the vehicle in Canada.   However, once you cross $3,000 CAD in savings, it makes sense to import the vehicle.

— Oren

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Gen III Prius – 2010 – now added to Transport Canada’s Import list

While I haven’t yet seen the official Canadian pricing for the new 2010 Gen III Prius, one can expect it to be much (much!) higher than the US$ pricing.
Good news though – the new Gen II Prius has been added to Transport Canada’s list of vehicles one can import to Canada:

With the current exchange rate hovering at around 1.1 CAD per USD, it makes sense to import the new Prius from the US (MSRP of $22,000 USD).

I’ll post a complete cost comparison once Canadian prices are published (with all the extra fees, etc.).

— Oren

June 7, 2009 at 6:03 am 6 comments

Issues with importing 2008 Toyota Prius to Canada

A few readers have recently raised the issue of new restrictions on 2008 Prius (vehicles manufactured after Sep ’07).

As per RIV instructions, Prius ’08 model IS admissible, BUT you must verify that it meets requirements concerning the immobilizer.

For more information, please consult the latest RIV list – www.riv.com.  Be sure to read the “explanations” section.

Here is a comprehensive discussion of the Prius import issue: http://priuschat.com/forums/prius-main-forum/40858-cant-import-2008-prius-into-canada-why-2.html

— Oren

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The Latest on the Prius v. Hummer Issue

A year after a faulty marketing report fueled an automotive face-off, the Pacific Institute, armed with newly released Consumer Reports’ data, returns to the Hummer versus Prius debate and finds the Prius is (still) more energy efficient over its lifetime than the Hummer.

Last March, a marketing research report turned some heads when it produced the startling conclusion that large SUVs like the Hummer are more energy efficient over their entire lifetime than small cars and even hybrids, like the Toyota Prius.

The Pacific Institute’s Integrity of Science program did a reanalysis and found the automotive industry consultant’s report relied on faulty analysis and misleading assumptions. When corrected, it turns out that, as previously believed, smaller cars are more energy efficient throughout their lifetimes than larger ones.

Newly released data further support that conclusion: Revisiting the lifetime energy costs of vehicles, the Institute’s recently released “Hummer vs. Prius 2008 Redux,” utilizes data from the new Consumer Reports’ “2008 Annual Auto Issue,” and finds the Institute’s original analysis holds stronger than ever: the Hummer and other large SUVs are far bigger energy hogs than the Prius and other smaller cars.

For more information, visit http://www.pacinst.org/

— Oren

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Importing a Toyota Prius Hybris to Canada – WA State Dealer

Check out comment #33 here.  Wilson Motors (Bellingham, WA), where I bought my ’07 Prius, is in business again…  If at first you don’t succeed, call them again, until you find a salesperson to deal with.  Try calling at the end of the month/quarter, when they are under pressure to move inventory no matter what.

— Oren

December 31, 2007 at 3:07 pm 1 comment

Importing a Prius Hybrid to Canada – Toyota Dealers

As you can see from this email I had received from one of this blog’s readers, you can still find Toyota dealers in the US who’ll sell to Canadians:

Here’s what I got from a dealer in WA state. Honest, this is legit:

“Thank-you for your inquiry!

I receive many requests like your’s everyday, and I have helped many folks save $$$ by buying from me. Here is the basic information you need to get started.

I can produce the paperwork and letters that Customs wants when you bring your new vehicle across the border. You need to do all of the interaction with the government agencies involved.

Payment must be made in full via wire transfer or Cashier’s Check before the vehicle is released to you. I cannot help with any financing.

Some vehicles require the addition of daytime running lights which can be done at a Toyota dealer, or more inexpensively at Canadian Tire.

Generally it doesn’t make sense to trade-in your current car to me as the costs of exporting it will reduce it’s value considerably.

The Highlander comes equipped several different ways and the way it is equipped will effect the cost and the availability. The colors you prefer will factor in as well. Lastly, knowing when you expect to take delivery will help me present the right vehicle.

The Toyota network is a powerful tool which gives me access to about eight-weeks worth of supply for the region. Often my client’s put deposits on vehicles that have yet to be built. This is nice because it moves through the distribution system with your name on it and strangers are not allowed to test-drive or otherwise demonstrate such a vehicle.

All of my sales that are not registered in the US will not be required to pay sales taxes upon furnishing me with two pieces of ID that show the same Canadian residence address. All non-US vehicles are sold at MSRP, plus any costs to secure the vehicle and bring it here. In addition there is a $50 document fee and a $30.50 fee for a trip permit which is required to drive the vehicle up to the border.

The Toyota factory warranty is good for all of N America.

Thanks for this opportunity, I look forward to meeting you when you come to pick-up your new Toyota.”

Don’t despair – call each and every Toyota dealer in your vicinity. Call them more than once (you’ll get different salespersons). Eventually you’ll find one that is eager enough to sell you the car you want.

— Oren

December 24, 2007 at 5:37 pm 3 comments

One Laptop Per Child – OLPC – Production Unit

While attending AfricaCom in Cape Town last week I was fortunate to play with a production OLPC (One Laptop Per Child).  What an amazing machine.  Price, features, innovation – This <$200 laptop outshines my Sony VAIO.

I consider the OLPC to be a more revolutionary, and more socially significant device than the iPhone.  Here are a couple of images (apologies for low quality – used my BlackBerry’s camera).

One Laptop Per Child


December 1, 2007 at 6:00 am 1 comment

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